Onevest Roundup: Week of 4/20/15


Google unveiled its pilot program Project Fi, which allows users to switch from cell phone provider to a wireless network.

On-demand mailing company Shyp raised another $50M at a $250M valuation. The round was led by Kleiner Perkins, who also led their original round of financing.

For Founders

TalentBin co-founder Peter Kazanky goes in-depth about how to hire a sales team for a growing startup.

Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures warns founders about providing all of your investors with detailed financial information, rather than just the major investors.

Chicago's Hyde Park Angels break down what a founder must do to nail their 30-second elevator pitch.

Fast Company takes a deep look into the life of Y Combinator President Sam Altman.

Ben Weiner of JumpSpeed Ventures argues for why the "Blue Ocean" strategy of finding untapped markets may be more difficult and less successful than staying in competitive markets and building a simpler product.

Jason Calacanis highlights why regular investor updates are so important. 

For Investors

David Lee of SV Angel addresses the differences between valuation and ownership.

Renowned angel investor Fabrice Ginda shares his investing performance for the year, as well as his observations on trends in venture investing.

AVC's Fred Wilson looks at the 2014 venture investing report and observes that late-stage investing - or investors looking at the "right now" - helped ballooned the year's numbers.

Brad Feld of Foundry Group offers a metaphor of Silicon Valley as a religion, and tries to tackle the question of why people still believe Silicon Valley is the only place to build a great company.

VC Scott Maxwell explains the concept of "VC Value-Add"

Onevest Roundup: Week of 4/13/15


Online marketplace Etsy had a successful IPO this week, raising around $300 million at a $1.8 billion valuation. It was the highest VC-backed New York IPO ever.

Two Onevest partners join forces, with DC tech hub 1776 acquiring Disruption Corp.

Slack just raised another $160 million Series E, bringing the company to a $2.8 billion valuation. In just their first year, Slack has raised a total of $340 million.

Colorado added itself to the list of states that have passed intrastate crowdfunding legislation, allowing for non-accredited state residents to invest in startups. 

For Investors

Fred Wilson compares VCs to gas stations, telling founders to fill up when it's convenient, not when you're desperate.

Brittany Laughlin gives advice for those looking to get into the world of venture capital.

500 Startups' Dave McClure tries to stablizie the "overvaluation" panic by alluding to the fact that these disruptive startups will all end up disrupting giant public companies.

Thomas Tunguz of Redpoint Capital warns of the "Private IPOs" that companies are taking through runaway late-stage funding, and how that could end up hurting them if the company went to an actual IPO.

Brad Feld talks about the myth of capital efficiency in growing a startup.

For Founders

David Frankel of Founder Collective breaks down in detail what founders should expect and how they should prepare when raising a growth round.

Flurry founder Sean Brynes shares his ideal "Founder Schedule" to better manage time.

Groupon CEO Andrew Mason outlines an innovative form of employee equity, called "Progressive Equity".

Entrepreneur Ashish Krishna recaps his experience going through leading accelerator AngelPad.

Learn about the details of a "Friends and Family" round of fundraising from AngelBlog. 


Lecture Transcript: What should the CEO be doing on a day to day basis? How do you make sure the company is moving in the right direction? Keith Rabois, Partner at Khosla Ventures and former COO of Square, tackles the nitty gritty - How to Operate.

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Onevest Roundup: Week of 4/6/15


LinkedIn makes their largest acquisition ever of $1.5 billion.

Apple's iWatch now available for pre-order!

For Founders

Onevest Co-Founder & CEO, Tanya Prive, explains why ‪Startup‬ ‪Investing‬ is an art and much like dating.

Startup Collective asks a group of founders for their advice on determining how much to raise for a seed round. 

Leigh Buchanan dives into why the rate of new startups has been on the decline for the past 40 years. 

Adam Lee, CEO and Co-founder of Bohemian Guitars (a recent Onevest success story) shares ten pieces of advice about building a manufacturing startup. 

Minda Zetlin shows us 7 ways leaders have made their failures work for them

John Roa tells us why Bootstrapping may not be the worst idea after all

Ben Horrowitz explains how the "little things" make all the difference in running a company


For Investors

Hunter Walk of Homebrew addresses the phenomenon of a recent increase in "Straight-to-A" rounds of fundraising.

Former Partner at Eagle River, Tren Griffin, lists lessons he's learned from the online character Startup L. Jackson.

Todd Francis of Shasta Ventures provides some insight to what a "Billion Dollar" company looks like during their Series A fundraising.  

Experts discuss going "Lean" by using a VC in Healthcare.  

"All Aboard!" Tomas Tunguz explains the "ruanaway train" of late stage fundraising. 


Onevest Roundup: Week of 3/30/15


Ellen Pao lost her claim against Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers for gender discrimination, but succeeded in bringing the conversation to a national stage. Reactions to the verdict are here, here, and here

Jay-Z leads a dramatic, media-filled re-launch of music-streaming service Tidal, which he acquired a few years ago, to mixed reactions.

For Founders

Venture Capital Keith Rabois provides a comprehensive reading list that he typically suggests for founders.

Entrepreneur Sohnin Shah emphasizes the importance of avoiding self-doubt when building your company.

Brittany Laughlin of Union Square Ventures details how founders can build their company culture to embrace diversity

David Lee of SV Angel gives fundraising advice to a young founder.

Angel investor Zeynep Ilgaz recaps the five best pitching tactics she has seen from founders. 

For Investors

David Gelles from the New York Times provides an infographic depicting the "Rise of the Unicorns". 

Super Angel Fabrice Ginda shares her views on the world of venture capital in 2015.

NYT writer Quentin Hardy talks with ZenPayroll CEO Joshua Reeves about how the time and intangible contributions of angel investors are more valuable than their money.


Mark Suster sits down with Fred Wilson to discuss his background and find out what he's learned about entrepreneurship and investing in his 30 year career in venture capital.

Onevest Roundup: Week of 3/23/15


In a surprising move, the SEC approved Title IV of the JOBS Act, drastically changing the regulations for small businesses raising money and moving closer to opening access to non-accredited investors.


Tomasz Tungunz of Redpoint Capital believes 2015 will be a great year for startups due to the increasing hiring velocity and fundraising.

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield lists his five "Rules of Business".

Coursera Chief Product Officer John Ciancutti breaks down best practices for building an amazing team and competing for the best tech talent

Rhett Morris of Endeavor conveys the importance of a mentor to a startup's success.

Marc Andreessen of Andreessen Horowitz breaks down the "four kinds of luck" that entrepreneurs can experience. 


Ali Rahimtula, Partner at Cue Ball Capital, provides a glimpse into what a VC really thinking about a founder's revenue projections.

Hunter Walk of Homebrew interviews Ana Diaz-Hernandez from Kapor Capital on how she penetrated the white, male-dominated venture capital industry

Jenny Lee, the highest ranking woman ever on the Forbes Midas List of the world's best venture capitalists, shares her secrets on what it means to be the top woman in venture capital.

Forbes spends the day with legendary angel investor Chris Sacca and learns about what has helped make him worth over $1 billion in just nine years. 


Brad Fled, cofounder of Techstars and the Foundry Group, sits down with founder Clint Bowers to discuss his experiences as an entrepreneur-turned-venture capitalist. 

Onevest Roundup: Week of 3/16/15

Top Stories:

  • SXSW Interactive ends this weekend with a keynote address from Snoop Dogg. Watch the live stream of various sessions here

  • The Seed Accelerator Rankings Project composed a list of the top 20 U.S. Seed Accelerators, with SF-based AngelPad topping the list. 

  • Pinterest joined the $10 billion club, raising $367 million at a $11 billion valuation. 

  • David Freschman, VC and advisor of "Shark Tank", died at 52 this week. 

  • Starbucks and PostMates form a partnership, because walking one block to the nearest Starbucks is just too far. 

For Founders:

Entrepreneur Robert Moore reflects on being honest with yourself in cutting out all the unecessary pieces of your growing business.

First Round goes in depth through the eyes of a manager about what it means to be an impactful engineering leader.

Shark Tank's Daymond John breaks down why having good mentors are so important for advice, but also for skill development.

Guy Kawasaki, chief evangelist of Canva and former chief evangelist of Apple, explains the key elements of a great pitch.

For Investors:

Bill Payne of Las Vegas Valley Angels breaks down the reasoning behind why a startup in Ohio won't have any luck getting funding at Silicon Valley prices.

Meerkat, a three-week-old live-streaming mobile app, absolutely took over SXSW this year in Austin, TX. Upfront Ventures founder Mark Suster provides his perspective on Meerkat's future.

Neil Howe breaks down the dangerously high growth of unicorn startups. 

On the topic of unicorns, NextView VC Partner Rob Go makes the obvious, yet complicated case that "Unicorns Don't Exist"


Union Square Ventures Managing Partner Fred Wilson sits down with Jason Calacanis at the LAUNCH Festival in San Francisco, offering a glimpse inside the head of one of the most successful VCs in Silicon Valley. 

    Onevest Roundup: Week of 3/9/15

    Before we get to the articles from this week, here are a few of the week's noteworthy headlines:

    • Billionaire investor and Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel joined Y Combinator as a Partner.
    • Google CFO Patrick Pichette announced he will be stepping down in a heartfelt note about work-life balance. 
    • Ride-sharing company Lyft raised a $530 million round led by Rakuten just a month after Uber added another $1 billion to its war chest.
    • Apple announced more details about the Apple Watch at their "Spring Forward" Event.
    • Om Malik, founder of pioneering tech blog GigaOm, announced it will be shutting down.

    For Founders

    Techstars co-founder Brad Feld presents his video course on building your Board of Directors, done for the Kauffman Foundation.

    First Round Partner Josh Kopelman details what the current boom in seed funding means for founders raising a Series A.

    Angel Jason Calacanis outlines the "startup roadmap" for how founders can achieve their biggest goals.

    Steve Blank observes how a "fear of failure" means two different things for a startup and a large corporation.

    For Investors

    Marianne Hudson, Executive Director of the Angel Capital Association, explains why it is do difficult to value a company before it has revenue, and offers a few tools to help.

    Steve Case elaborates on his views after appearing on CNBC's "Squawk Box", and why he thinks Mark Cuban's tech bubble theory is a little exaggerated.

    Mattermark CEO Danielle Morrill shares her perspective on deal sourcing, and why every investor has a different strategy.

    Sarah Kunst, venture partner at Future Perfect Ventures, declares that the continual rise of female angels will be startup investing's saving grace.


    Onevest Roundup: Week of 3/1/15

    Here are this week's best articles for investors and entrepreneurs. 

    For Founders

    Product Hunt co-founder Erik Torenberg declares the desperate need for a "Startup Support System", and why some of the industry's biggest names are coming on board.

    There is limited attention towards the "middle-phase" of scaling your company, and Steve Blank breaks down why it's just as important to the success of your business, as well as how to go about it.

    Andreesen Horowitz provides 16 common questions that founders ask about fundraising.

    Alek Iksold, Managing Director at Techstars, explains the important of understanding your GMT: next goal, next milestone, and next task.

    The WeWork blog provides often-overlooked steps to take after deciding to break up with a co-founder

    For Investors

    George Deeb, Managing Partner at Red Rocket Ventures, advises investors to look at the Four M's before investing in a startup: Market, Model, Management, and Momentum.

    Marianne Hudson of the Angel Capital Association lauds the rise of small-town angel investing.

    The research team at CB Insights lays out the data to support its claim that it's a good time to be a Venture Capitalist

    Former Andreessen Horowitz partner Sam Gerstenzang explains seven lessons he learned from being in venture capital.

    Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures interviews the Managing Partner of SoftTech VC, Jeff Clavier, about the evolution of seed-stage VCs, the growth of Silicon Valley, and much more.

    Onevest Roundup: Week of 2/22/15

    Welcome to the Onevest Roundup, our weekly curation of the industry's best content. This is not a place for the industry's latest news; instead, we want to offer a central location to read valuable and engaging articles from the thought leaders involved with both investing in, and running, startups. Let us know if there is anything you think we missed, or if you see anything worth adding for next week. Enjoy! 

    For Founders:

    Sam Altman, President of YCombinator, provides an extremely condensed summary of his widely-praised Stanford course called "How to Start a Startup". 

    Dr. Julie Edge outlines the top services available for finding a co-founder, and why none can suffice without real human interaction.

    Jonathan Friedman of Lionbird advises founders on how to attract (and retain) investors who will support you in the good times and the bad

    Upfront VC Mark Suster sheds light on one potential career path to becoming a tech CEO.

    Aaron Schildkrout, EIR at RRE Ventures, lists critical steps on how to lead a company for non-technical founders.

    Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures cautions to avoid dismissing the importance of the post-money valuation and fall into a "Post-Money Trap".

    For Investors:

    500 Startups' Dave McClure visited young entrepreneurs in Tokyo to discuss how the startup ecosystem has evolved for both investors and founders.

    Hyde Park Angels co-founder Jeffrey Carter covers some risks of investing in the current startup market as valuations, crowdfunding, and early deals continue their dramatic rise.

    Rich Levandov, partner at Avalon Ventures, shares lessons he has learned from 20 years as a venture capitalist. One of those lessons: "unicorns happen when they happen."

    Rob Go of NextView Ventures shares his thoughts on what he calls "Genesis Rounds". 

    Bill Gurley of Benchmark Capital warns of the dramatic differences between an enormous late-stage private round versus an IPO. 

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