Onevest Roundup: Week of 4/6/15


LinkedIn makes their largest acquisition ever of $1.5 billion.

Apple's iWatch now available for pre-order!

For Founders

Onevest Co-Founder & CEO, Tanya Prive, explains why ‪Startup‬ ‪Investing‬ is an art and much like dating.

Startup Collective asks a group of founders for their advice on determining how much to raise for a seed round. 

Leigh Buchanan dives into why the rate of new startups has been on the decline for the past 40 years. 

Adam Lee, CEO and Co-founder of Bohemian Guitars (a recent Onevest success story) shares ten pieces of advice about building a manufacturing startup. 

Minda Zetlin shows us 7 ways leaders have made their failures work for them

John Roa tells us why Bootstrapping may not be the worst idea after all

Ben Horrowitz explains how the "little things" make all the difference in running a company


For Investors

Hunter Walk of Homebrew addresses the phenomenon of a recent increase in "Straight-to-A" rounds of fundraising.

Former Partner at Eagle River, Tren Griffin, lists lessons he's learned from the online character Startup L. Jackson.

Todd Francis of Shasta Ventures provides some insight to what a "Billion Dollar" company looks like during their Series A fundraising.  

Experts discuss going "Lean" by using a VC in Healthcare.  

"All Aboard!" Tomas Tunguz explains the "ruanaway train" of late stage fundraising.