Onevest Roundup: Week of 3/23/15


In a surprising move, the SEC approved Title IV of the JOBS Act, drastically changing the regulations for small businesses raising money and moving closer to opening access to non-accredited investors.


Tomasz Tungunz of Redpoint Capital believes 2015 will be a great year for startups due to the increasing hiring velocity and fundraising.

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield lists his five "Rules of Business".

Coursera Chief Product Officer John Ciancutti breaks down best practices for building an amazing team and competing for the best tech talent

Rhett Morris of Endeavor conveys the importance of a mentor to a startup's success.

Marc Andreessen of Andreessen Horowitz breaks down the "four kinds of luck" that entrepreneurs can experience. 


Ali Rahimtula, Partner at Cue Ball Capital, provides a glimpse into what a VC really thinking about a founder's revenue projections.

Hunter Walk of Homebrew interviews Ana Diaz-Hernandez from Kapor Capital on how she penetrated the white, male-dominated venture capital industry

Jenny Lee, the highest ranking woman ever on the Forbes Midas List of the world's best venture capitalists, shares her secrets on what it means to be the top woman in venture capital.

Forbes spends the day with legendary angel investor Chris Sacca and learns about what has helped make him worth over $1 billion in just nine years. 


Brad Fled, cofounder of Techstars and the Foundry Group, sits down with founder Clint Bowers to discuss his experiences as an entrepreneur-turned-venture capitalist.