Onevest Roundup: Week of 2/22/15

Welcome to the Onevest Roundup, our weekly curation of the industry's best content. This is not a place for the industry's latest news; instead, we want to offer a central location to read valuable and engaging articles from the thought leaders involved with both investing in, and running, startups. Let us know if there is anything you think we missed, or if you see anything worth adding for next week. Enjoy! 

For Founders:

Sam Altman, President of YCombinator, provides an extremely condensed summary of his widely-praised Stanford course called "How to Start a Startup". 

Dr. Julie Edge outlines the top services available for finding a co-founder, and why none can suffice without real human interaction.

Jonathan Friedman of Lionbird advises founders on how to attract (and retain) investors who will support you in the good times and the bad

Upfront VC Mark Suster sheds light on one potential career path to becoming a tech CEO.

Aaron Schildkrout, EIR at RRE Ventures, lists critical steps on how to lead a company for non-technical founders.

Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures cautions to avoid dismissing the importance of the post-money valuation and fall into a "Post-Money Trap".

For Investors:

500 Startups' Dave McClure visited young entrepreneurs in Tokyo to discuss how the startup ecosystem has evolved for both investors and founders.

Hyde Park Angels co-founder Jeffrey Carter covers some risks of investing in the current startup market as valuations, crowdfunding, and early deals continue their dramatic rise.

Rich Levandov, partner at Avalon Ventures, shares lessons he has learned from 20 years as a venture capitalist. One of those lessons: "unicorns happen when they happen."

Rob Go of NextView Ventures shares his thoughts on what he calls "Genesis Rounds". 

Bill Gurley of Benchmark Capital warns of the dramatic differences between an enormous late-stage private round versus an IPO. 

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