Big-Check Crowdfunding Campaign Propels Züm XR Forward

Based in Denver, Colorado, Züm XR ( has developed a patented, time-release delivery system for food and beverages. This system safely releases natural and healthy ingredients like Vitamin C, electrolytes, and green tea caffeine over several hours. Their first product is a widely successful beverage line that supplies sustained energy without the crash or jitters associated with typical caffeinated drinks. These drinks became the 2nd best selling energy drink at Whole Foods Market-Rocky Mountain after only four months. Robert Nichel, the founder of Züm XR and a seasoned biochemist, was inspired to create this innovative system after realizing the shortcomings of caffeine and electrolytes absorption during his frequent long bike rides in the Colorado mountains.

Robert and the founding team began aggressively pursuing investors and angel groups after recognizing the needs to raise funds. Taken aback by the drawn-out process involved with angel groups, Züm XR turned to crowdfunding. Within 90 days, they closed a $1.5 million round in funding, which will go towards third-party testing and validation to substantiate their impressive label claims of nutrient absorption by up to 60%. This testing will provide scientific support for the brand, bolstering the credibility and ultimate success of the company.

Successfully raising $1.5 million is not the only notable achievement of this disruptive company; they also debunked the myth that crowdfunding consists of exclusively small contributions from a large pool of people.  Züm XR managed to raise their funding from a short list of investors with an average investment/check size of $100,000. Their aggressive outreach was fortified by their traction and revenue in over 120 stores and substantial press coverage from sites like The Motley Fool and The Examiner.

The team at Züm XR really enjoyed our hands-on approach and active marketing efforts here at Onevest. Here is what Nichel had to say about his experience on Onevest:

Onevest played a vital role in helping Züm XR reach our funding target. Their platform provided all the tools and support necessary for us to connect with accredited investors throughout the U.S. Onevest has a great team, an easy to use platform, and quickly generates exposure to a vast amount of active investors that can expedite the funding process for small businesses.

Moreover, Robert also noted that he liked how Onevest saved him valuable time, energy, and money traditionally associated with fundraising. Züm XR immediately began drawing interest from investors after launching their campaign on Onevest, allowing them to raise money quickly, ultimately providing more time and opportunity to grow their business.

We look forward to continuing to follow Robert and his team’s progress at Züm XR, and of course to enjoying their awesome beverages!

You can follow Züm XR on their website here, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.