Co-Founders of CloserIQ Match Up to Help Startups Find Sales Talent

The job market for startups is viciously competitive, and early-stage companies are doing everything they can to recruit (and retain) top talent. Ping-pong tables, mandatory vacation, beer on tap and other perks have been on the rise to help compensate for the lack of funds available to match potential salaries from giant tech companies. Most startup founders and hiring directors would agree that the company mission and culture are the two biggest driving factors that recruit talented employees, more so than yoga classes or catered lunch. There are so many great companies pursuing a valuable mission, yet the job market is so massive that many companies struggle finding the ideal combination of talent and fit. Several startups have focused on addressing this problem, and NYC-based CloserIQ is one of them. We asked Jordan to talk about his experience in building his team.

Jordan Wan, Co-founder and CEO, spoke to several potential candidates on CoFoundersLab before meeting Dan Zhou, Co-founder and CTO. Jordan explained that “the profiles made it easy to find the person I was looking for.” After matching up, Jordan and Dan agreed to focus in on the hiring dilemma faced by startups, with a unique emphasis on sales jobs (because no matter how great your product is, you need people to sell it). Here is Jordan’s pitch for CloserIQ:

CloserIQ is a recruiting platform for startups to meet sales talent. We provide informative candidate profiles with audio introductions and previous sales experience to help startups skip bad phone screens.
Jordan Wan, Co-founder and CEO

Jordan Wan, Co-founder and CEO

Dan Zhou, Co-founder and CTO

Dan Zhou, Co-founder and CTO

Since their official launch in April of 2014, Jordan and Dan have led the CloserIQ team (now at 6 people) in gaining traction from some big clients including Justworks, Trello and Trustpilot. Even more impressive, Jordan reported that Oscar Insurance “made 17 sales hires in 3 months on CloserIQ leveraging a combination of intuitive software and attentive service.” They have also been creating original content about sales jobs on their blog.

We asked Jordan for his advice on finding a co-founder, and he emphasized the importance of patience and alignment of mission and passion:

"Take your time when looking for a co-founder. Get to know one another's core values and strengths & weaknesses. Let the relationship develop organically and see if you can share a common mission and passion for building a company together. When you realize that the other person is just as committed as you are to the idea and business, have an open discussion about the type of company and various scenarios together."

You can follow CloserIQ’s progress by visiting their site here, or following them on Facebook and Twitter.

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