Onevest Success Story: Recycled Guitars Shakes Up Industry

A Bohemian is a person, musician, or artist who lives by his or her own rules and believes in love, freedom, and truth.”

When you pair up an oil can with guitar strings, only good things can happen.  Just ask Adam Lee, co-founder of Bohemian Guitars.  The South African native along with his brother Shaun, launched Bohemian Guitars on Kickstarter in June of 2013.  Feeling the need to change up the musical instrument scene while also making an environmental impact, the brothers are definitely disrupting the industry with Bohemian Guitars.  Knowing they wanted to get to the next level, they chose Onevest to help them get there.

Bohemian Guitars offers a unique experience by providing a customized, great sounding, best of all, affordable guitar.  Inspired by the innovativeness of the local musicians in South Africa, Bohemian Guitars are constructed using old oil cans and recyclable materials.   Not settling for just offering guitars, they have expanded their product line to include custom guitar straps, carry bags, and cases.  This type of forward thinking has led to major partnerships including clothing store Urban Outfitters, the SXSW festival, and musicians Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin and Luther Dickson from the Black Crowes both have their own Bohemian Guitar.

They leveraged the Onevest platform to help raise a $600,000 Seed round, which closed in February of this year.  Adam sat down with us recently and gave us his personal insight and takeaways as a founder to his experience with Onevest and raising money in general.

Adam Lee

Adam Lee

Shaun Lee

Shaun Lee

Investors do not think about your business they way you do.  Every investor is different so do a little extra homework on them.  Also, just because someone has experience investing, does not mean they have experience investing in startups, so be prepared to explain  the terms of your deal.

Be patient because rounding up investments does not happen overnight.  The process of finding investors is not fast.  Using a platform like Onevest can help get you get in front of a large investor community.

Time management is extremely critical.  Raising money is a “full time” job so you need to be prepared. There is always work to do.  

Understand your business completely, especially the money component.  This is very important to investors.  Knowing the product is not enough.  


The future looks bright for the guys at Bohemian Guitars. They want to  keep the promises they made to themselves which include growing as a business and adapting to the times.  With the key partnerships they’ve built and guitars flying out the door, they are in great shape.  

You can follow Bohemian Guitars on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.