Startup Angels to Host First National Summit on Angel Investing

On November 12th-13th, in Dallas, Texas, Startup Angels will be hosting the first ever national conference solely dedicated to angel investing: Startup Angels is a global platform that works to empower and educate angel investors, and they’re partnering with UP Global, 500 Startups, and the Dallas Entrepreneurship Center to kickstart the national conversation on angel investing. The summit will bring over 200 industry and community leaders together to discuss how to continue growing the startup investing community and its ever-growing impact on innovation.

According to the official press release, the goals of are the following:

  1. Clearly frame the startup investing landscape

  2. Facilitate conversation among community and industry leaders

  3. Enable and inspire more investors to fuel greater innovation in their own communities

Here at Onevest, we share the mission of Startup Angels to bring startup investing to angels all over the country. We feel that geographic location should not be a determining factor in the success of a startup. Rather, with a strong team, big market, and high-quality product/service - as well as a few supportive angel investors - a startup can grow from anywhere in the U.S. This is already happening, as startup communities everywhere have been fostering a rich culture of innovation through accelerators, incubators, competitions, and other resources.

Additionally, the rapid growth of online platforms has provided an entirely new medium for angel investing. Onevest’s CEO, Alejandro Cremades, will be sitting on a panel at the conference to discuss the benefits of these various investment platforms. Alejandro will be joined by Colm Browne from ProSeeder, a technology platform to help investment firms with their operations, and Dan Roselli from Packard Place, a Charlotte-based hub for the local entrepreneurship community. Other speakers will be added closer to the event. is a chance for attendees to learn from leaders in the field, participate in breakout discussions, and network with their peers from around the country. Confirmed speakers for the conference include Dave McClure of 500 Startups, Mark Kvamme of Drive Capital, Scott Case of Main Street Genome (formerly with the Startup America Partnership), and Paul Singh of Disruption Corporation. represents a groundbreaking step in opening up the conversation about responsible Angel Investing in America. For more information on the event please visit:


About Startup Angels

Startup Angels is a new global platform that inspires and enables angel investors, across the US and around the world. We offer action-based learning, networks and resources for new angels to explore market-entry and experienced angels to explore new markets. For more information please visit


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