Onevest at Collaborate: Helping Fosterly Stimulate the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

This post was originally published on the Collaborate blog as a Onevest guest post.

The value of a vibrant community, particularly as related to entrepreneurship, is widely recognized and appreciated. Community resources, mentors, and peer collaborations are just some of the intangible pieces every entrepreneur needs, and that only come with a strong network. When it comes to building a company, most first-time founders lean heavily on peer expertise and mentorship to guide them. The same is true for more experienced entrepreneurs. Whether moving from one startup to the next, or growing your company from 2 to 40 people, engaging with a deep personal and professional network is pivotal. Ask any successful entrepreneur, and you would be hard-pressed to find one who got to where they are now without the help of others. The “all by myself” mentality is not only unhealthy, but also completely unsustainable in entrepreneurship. By identifying leaders in the community, you can utilize their influence and experience to help move your company forward. The same is true for peer collaboration. 

Collaborate by Fosterly brings this community to your doorstep. At events like Collaborate, you have the opportunity to meet with like-minded people who not only are as driven and dedicated as you are, but also share a common goal of moving a startup forward. Those personal interactions, from a simple handshake, to receiving valuable advice, to even closing a business deal, are immensely valuable. In addition, most of these people come to an event like Collaborate with a community-oriented mindset, open to sharing their knowledge. Fosterly beautifully integrates this principle into their own community of thousands of entrepreneurs. They offer tons of great resources, events, workshops, and more to help entrepreneurs grow their own business and help others grow theirs.

Onevest wants to take that unique experience of collaboration and mentorship online. We imagine a world in which an entrepreneur can attain the same valuable knowledge and relationships through a digital portal. This was our inspiration for creating Learn.Onevest. Learn.Onevest is a peer-to-peer learning platform that offers massive amounts of content (think “Reddit” for entrepreneurship) on topics ranging from team-building, to fundraising, to investing. Readers have the ability to see who else is viewing an article/video, converse with that person, comment on a specific section, and up/downvote. Our mission is to bring that community feeling into the digital space. 

One key feature involves a curated curriculum of content that brings valuable content to a central place. We’ve created the first curriculum to help get you started. Click the link below to gain access.